Register online, schedule a time for testing, choose a testing location, and get tested in your car.


What should I know

about coronavirus?

Illness caused by the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCov) most often results in light symptoms, fever, coughing, shortness of breath, muscle paints, and fatigue are the most common occurrences. Less commonly, severe illnesses can develop, such as pneumonia, acute respiratory failure, or even sepsis, circulatory, or multiple organ failure. Drive-through coronavirus testing helps to efficiently identify infected individuals, so they can take the right course of action as early as possible.

How do I get tested?

The testing method is a nucleic acid based sample analysis, taken from the throat of the tested subject while they remain seated in their car. This testing method provides the maximum amount of isolation between individuals and reduces contact and risk of infection.


Please note that registration is required and only possible online before you can be tested. Please complete registration and book an available time for testing.

Before you arrive

Please avoid eating, drinking, smoking, and even brushing your teeth for at least 4 hours before testing! This helps ensure the accuracy of the sample taken.

Arrive by car

Once registered, drive to the test station with your car or minivan at your scheduled time. Please note that a maximum of 5 people are allowed in the same vehicle at the test site!

Follow staff directions

We kindly ask you to diligently follow instructions given by our staff and displayed on location to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you.

Sampling process

Sampling takes place via a swab from your throat. To minimize the risk of infection, we use a self-sampling method. Read more about the testing process via the link below.

Test results

Please leave the location right after sampling is completed. Your results can arrive as soon as the next day. We ask for your patience while waiting for the results, and we recommend voluntary isolation in the meantime.

How to sample


Why choose drive-through testing?


Registration is done electronically, minimizing the need for administration and paperwork on-site.


Testing takes place while you're seated in your car, with the self-sampling method to minimize the risk of infection.


Sampling takes just 3 minutes, which makes this the fastest method for testing in Hungary.


Normal test

Visitors choosing a normal test can book a time for testing from the available time slots. The test's result will be sent out via email within 72 hours.

19 500 Ft



Bikás Park

1119, Budapest, Vahot utca felöli parkoló

Test sites

Opening hours

Groupama Arena

Bikás Park

Bikás Park

Bikás Park



Let's look after each other!

Please follow directions carefully at the testing station, stay in your car during the entire process, and only open your car's window when instructed by staff!
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