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Business solutions for

PCR testing


In the current pandemic, for the safe and continuous operation of companies and organizations, it is recommended to test the employees. 


As a company, you want to act responsibly for the safety of your colleagues and their families, which may also require the testing of employees.


As part of our Test Station service, we provide two options: 


  • on-site testing (Test-at-work)

  • testing at one of our drive-through Test Stations in Budapest🚗

The second wave poses new challenges for companies:

Business continuity

Because the transfection rate of  COVID-19 is high, it can easily spread across teams and departments, which can affect a company’s viability.

Responsible employer behavior

You want your colleagues and their families to feel safe in their workplace and at home.

Quality assurance

You want to ensure that your company’s products have not been exposed to the virus.

Customised offers for enterprises

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Test Station provides two options to test your company's employees:

- testing on-site (test-at-work)
- testing at one of our drive-through Test Stations in Budapest🚗

Business solutions for PCR testing


Tested by DriveCell “badge”

We provide our corporate partners with a unique badge that they can display on their website and use in their communication.
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