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How can I check in for the COVID-19 test?

Visit and schedule an appointment for testing. Registration takes place completely automatically, once completed you'll have a confirmed time slot for testing.

What personal data is required during registration?

To complete registration, you'll need to provide the following information: - Licence plate of the car you plan to arrive with - Your name - Your email address - Your contact phone number - Your national ID number - Your date of birth - Your address of residence

Why is there a self-check survey to fill out during registration?

We recommend you to fill the survey in order to help healthcare professionals and bodies better understand the patterns behind the coronavirus. The survey is not considered throughout testing and analysis.

Can I register more people for the same appointment?

After completing details for the first person scheduled for a test, an option is available to add more people who are arriving in the same car. Each car is limited to show up to the test with up to 5 passengers. Hence, you can add 4 additional persons to the same registration. In case of families, providing the same phone and email contact details for all persons is also supported.

How can I pay for the test?

You can pay by credit / debit card payment on site before testing.

How and when do I receive my results?

Results of your self-sampled nucleic acid based PCR test will be sent to you via email from the lab (Neumann Labs) within the next day (except Saturday samples where the results are sent on Monday), in case of tests made in Sopron within 72 hours. In case your result is positive: - Please self-quarantine and follow instructions in regards of contacting your physician and pandemic response healthcase professionals. - Self-quarantine applies to every person living in your household! - For more information and news, refer to

How much does the coronavirus test cost?

The price of the PCR test is 19 500 HUF, no hidden costs. In case you curious about the price of any combined test please check the Prices section.

What vehicle can I arrive with to the test?

We recommend our visitors to arrive only in passenger cars, SUVs, or minivans. Please note, any other vehicles, such as motorcycles, minibuses or other vehicles are not a sufficient mode of transport and will not be allowed into the testing areas. Each vehicle should carry up to 5 persons at maximum.

What should I do if I'd like to cancel or change my appointment?

In case of cancellation please cancel your registration on the link sent in the approval mail. If you'd like to modify your appointment, please cancel your original appointment and register a new one.