Individual sampling process

at test sites

Step 1

Stop the car at the marked position and put on your parking breaks. Please open your window only when instructed by our staff!

Step 2

While your test kit is being prepared, please open your personal QR code received via email, and display it towards our team member.

Step 3

Please take the test kit and disinfect your hands. Our staff will provide you with hand sanitizer.

Step 4

The medical staff unpacks the contents of your test kit. With a firm motion, shake the sampling tube you received.

Step 5

Keeping your mouth and lips closed, grind your throat or cough forcefully three times.

Step 6

Open your mouth. Using the sampling swab, our trained medical staff will draw the sample from the nasopharynx through the nose and the mouth.

Step 7

The medical staff places the swab into the sample tube and break the extending part of the stick at the perforation. They put the lid back on the sample tube, close it tightly, and seal it in the small bag it came in.

Step 8

The medical staff places the smaller bag into the bigger bag and close it too. 

Step 9

Close your car’s window and leave the test site through the exit lane. You will be notified about your results via email.

Let's look after each other!

Please follow directions carefully at the testing station, stay in your car during the entire process, and only open your car's window when instructed by staff!
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