The first drive-in coronavirus testing facility which provides a complete and convenient solution to the general public, from easy online booking to result notification.

Drive-in coronavirus testing is the first solution which enables fast and safe screening and discovery of potentially infected individuals, ensuring the possibility of quick mitigation measures to be taken in case of a positive result.

Car based coronavirus testing has been widely adopted with worldwide, but these solutions require paper based processes and administration just the same. The solution behind ensures that all processes are handled digitally, minimizing room for error and contact while maximizing efficiency. Our team administers each step of the testing process digitally via mobile devices, further ensuring a speedy process and safety, helping to provide more accessible tests at scale.

The concept of drive-in testing was developed by Rollet, a mobility infrastructure startup established in 2017. Rollet pioneers seamless drive-through technologies for access control and payment needs, where the company’s experience contributed greatly to the development of the testing station. Rollet’s seamless drive-through payment services  are available at dozens of parking facilities, and its access control and traffic planning technologies, as well as operational expertise enables visitors to have the most frictionless experience possible. Rollet was chosen as Property Forum’s Most Promising Startup in 2019 and earned a spot in list of The Next Web’s TECH5 startups.

DriveCell Systems Inc. develops IT systems and projects in traffic technology since 2014. The company’s mission is to expedite the evolution of all players in the mobility sector. Our society is facing new challenges posed by the pandemic. Car mobility provides a good, accessible way for social distancing. DriveCell Inc. provides systems that contribute to the future functionalities transportation methods need to provide – whether public or personal – to better serve people, on the move.

Let's look after each other!

Please follow directions carefully at the testing station, stay in your car during the entire process, and only open your car's window when instructed by staff!
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